Our Mission 

We enable Public Transit agencies and Goods Transportation companies to provide real time, responsive, secure, safe, reliable and cost effective transportation service to their clients.  We provide Intelligent Transportation  Systems (AVL, passenger counting, engine and cabin telemetry, route analysis and monitoring, surveillance and security, etc.)  that assist the management and operators in their day to day  functions. For passenger transportation agencies, these also features fully integrated fare collection systems, including  Electronic Fare Box, Smart Cards, Credit cards and cash collection and management technologies.

For passenger transport agencies this is accomplished by bringing powerful information technology onboard the operational assets of the Transit agency (buses & trains) and linking this to a fleet Command Center and the related corporate operational and financial systems.  The Command Center act also as an Information Broker, connecting itself to other important existing functions of the Transportation companies (financial, resources management,  service and sales points, etc.).  

Our Offer to You

Our offer is based on a state of the art open and powerful architecture, It  is a fully integrated suite of product and services that can even be deliver as a turn key solution, including installation, set-up and maintenance.

If you are looking for a truly fresh and competitive alternative to your ITS challenges and are discouraged by the prospect of the effort and cost you have been quoted we encourage you to contact us at ITSMAX  and learn more about our truly innovative alternatives that that can be acquired or leased through GE Capital. We would be pleased to work with you to design and deploy an innovative and practical solution that meets your existing and future needs within your budget.